Minutes from 18th BMU Meeting, June 3rd 2017, Kolasin, Montenegro

Balkan Mountaineering Union (BMU)

General Meeting

June 3rd 2017

Kolasin, Montenegro


Morning Session

  1. Opening and welcome

The President, Jovica Ugrinovski welcomed the delegates to the 18th BMU General Meeting.

He expressed thanks to Planinarski Savez Crne Gore for good organisation of the conference.

  1. Moment of silence was held in memory of late Venceslav Udev, Bulgarski Turisticeski Sojuz secretary and one of the initiators of the BMU.
  2. Approval of the Minute of the General Meeting in Vrsac 2016

The Minute was approved unanimously.

  1. Application of the Czech Mountain Association to become the observer member of BMU, Jan Bloudek speech.The application was accepted unanimously.
  2. The Hungary delegation was not ready yet to apply for affiliated membership.
  3. Changes in theTurkish association, instead of the ex Turkish Mountaineering Federation (TMF) president Alladin Karaga, Ersan Basar was elected as BMU Executive board member




  1. Blanc expedition, July31 st – August 1st 2017. Boris Micic (Planinarski Savez Srbije) explanation about the reasons of postponing the expedition (38 persons applied; the late booking of De Gute hut places). Postponed for September or August next year.
  2. BMU vs EUMA – Remarks on EUMA statute. Remarks of the TMF for being excluded in the frames of the EU countries. Turkey is member of BMU. Voting: all BMU members supported the objection of the TMF. Every country which geographically has parts in EU could apply for membership to EUMA. (BMU is organization that accepts membership of all Balkan countries. BMU is regional not political organization.)

 Voting: all 12present countries, expressed their will to be founders of EUMA.

Proposal: Bojan Rotovnik to be the member of the EUMA presidium.

                       Jan Bloudek from the Szech Republic to be the member of the EUMA presidium.

Internal non paper conclusion: each representative of EUMA which is a member of BMU has to have in mind the BMU interests, as well as the BMU EUMA presidium members.

The working group will discuss the topics about the role of BMU in the frames of EUMA: the EUMA headquarters in terms of funds, the EUMA fee, their mutual cooperation etc. The report has to be send to all BMU members until September 2017.


Afternoon session


  1. Climbing for everybody: Yan Bloudek presentation of the Erasmus + project (encompassing 6 countries: Czechia, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, 2016-2018). Encourage people to take active part in sport activities related to climbing and all kind of mountain sports.

Topics for working groups:

  • How to attract young people
  • Activities for 3rd generation
  • Protected areas-cooperation with institutions
  • Infrastructure communication
  • International cooperation between clubs
  • Methodology – including public from indoor gyms

Mountaineering weeks (in every member country)


  1. Training course for BMU instructors (information given by Vlado Novak, Croatia) to be held in November 9-12, 2017 in the National Park Paklenica, 3 person from each member country, fee: 35 E each. Deadline to apply, October 1st. The program will be published in the BMU magazine.
  2. Ten Balkan Peaks project, final phase (Bulgaria) ordering the exact number of booklets, price: 0,50 cents.
  3. How to attract the young mountaineers to climb the Balkan mountains. Proposal: Organisation of mountaineering festival for young people in different countries. The first organizer is going to be Macedonia (Korab peak) in 2018; B&H in 2019. Age limit: 15-21
  4. Dictionary of mountaineering terms, project going on. The glossary to be distributed to all federations and to include some languages that are missing: Albanian, Serbian, Turkish, Montenegrian, Bulgarian.
  5. guides seminars: guest instructors to be invited from other BMU countries
  6. BMU expedition 2019. Proposal: Aconcagua (Macedonian & Bulgarian federation to make the program for the next BMU meeting).
  7. BMU Magazine, how to improve the contribution to the magazine. To put the link of BMU Magazine to the web sites of the national mountaineering magazines.
  8. Location and dates of the next BMU meeting: Turkey 2018; Albania 2019.
  9. Paper of appreciation/gratitude to be presented to the ex BMU board member Mr.Alladin Karaga.
  10. Mountaineering orientation in Slovenia Pokljuka 2016 presentation, given by Matej Ogorelc, PZS.
  11. Orienteering rules and rules adoptions for the fall 2017 competition in Rajac Serbia; the next competition to be held in fall 2018 in B&H,
  12. Ice climbing report, Matjaz Serkezi, PZS, (Slovenian-Croatian ice climbing cup).
  13. Training standards of UIAA, report given by Matjaz Serkezi, PZS
  14. How to protect the mountain water streams – Dragan Bulatovic presentation (PSCG), World Environment Day June 5th, 2017. The document was adopted by the BMU member countries. (presentation to be published in the BMU Magazine)


Closing speech

The BMU President Jovica Ugrinovski thanked all for their participation and wished the delegates a good journey home.

On behalf of the Montenegro Mountaineering Association, the president Dragan Bulatovic thanked the participants for attending the BMU meeting.


Made by:

Katica Acevska

June 2017








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