125 years of Planinski vestnik

Author: Manca Ogrin

Planinski vestnik, the oldest Slovenian magazine still being published, has been with us for 125 years. The first issue was published by the Slovensko planinsko društvo (Slovenian Mountaineering Society) in Ljubljana on February 8, 1895, and the 2020 February issue, which marked the 125th anniversary, was already the 1289th edition. Planinski vestnik is part of Slovenia’s national and cultural heritage and the most comprehensive archive of Slovenian mountaineering.
Planinski vestnik is the oldest still published Slovenian magazine and its first issue came out way back on February 8, 1895. The magazine gave the Slovensko planinsko društvo (SPD, Slovenian Mountaineering Society) a chance to connect and educate the Slovenian people in those difficult times of national struggle. Today, Planinski vestnik is the most comprehensive historical archive of Slovenian mountaineering and its governing association, the Alpine Slovenian of Slovenia. Throughout its life, it has reflected the work of the Alpine Association of Slovenia and the general mountaineering culture and has grown to become the most comprehensive archive of Slovenian mountaineering, all the while retaining its youthful energy.
“Planinski vestnik has made a long journey in these 125 years. Its path began during times of a great national struggle to preserve the Slovenian mountains and language. Editors from the magazine’s early days would probably be amazed that today, the written word has so much ‚competition‘: TV, internet, social media, etc. Printed magazines are losing readers, especially amongst the younger generation,” explained Vladimir Habjan, who’s been the editor of Planinski vestnik since 2001 and is justifiably proud of the oldest still published Slovenian magazine. “Although the magazine has been around for a very long time, I’m still only the eighth editor. I’ve held this post for eighteen years already and I’ve witnessed many changes brought about by new trends and technologies. We still manage to attract plenty of readers who enjoy our varied content, attractive articles, nice photographs, and plenty of detailed trip suggestions and plans. Ten years ago we switched to a larger format, which allows for more design and layout options. Our magazine is also available online, all the way from the first issue to the most current editions. We’re proud that Planinski vestnik is an integral part of Slovenia’s national and cultural heritage.”

To mark the 125th anniversary of Planinski vestnik, an event was held at the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana on February 15, 2020, which included a stage play that all the guests thoroughly enjoyed.

Planinski vestnik, najstarejša še izhajajoča slovenska revija, ljubitelje gora razveseljuje že 125 let. Njegova prva številka je kot glasilo Slovenskega planinskega društva v Ljubljani izšla 8. februarja 1895, jubilejna februarska številka leta 2020 pa je bila že 1289. Planinski vestnik je del narodnega bogastva in kulturne dediščine ter najpopolnejši arhiv slovenskega planinstva.

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