Minutes from the regular BMU meeting, Karlukovo, Bulgaria

The regular meeting of the BMU took place May 19 th -20th 2012 at the National Cave House Karlukovo , organized by the Bulgarian Tourist Association
The meeting attended the delegates from all the countries members of BMU: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, excerpt he delegates of Turkey who didn’t attend the meeting.

The meeting was to take stock of the current activities of the BMU and to seek constructive solutions for its future activity and development.
The minutes of the previous meeting held in Plav, Montenegro in October were unanimously approved.
During the meeting the following topics has been discussed:

– The application of the Croatian Mountaineering Union (HPS) for associate observer membership was unanimously accepted.
– The presentation and the call to the other member countries to present their views and opinions BMU to become member of the European Mountaineeing Association (European Forum) by the end of June. Depending of the number of their positive views, the BMU would support the establishment of the European Mountaineeing Association.
– Participants debated whether it is appropriate for UIAA to continue to be a bureaucratic and administrative unit, not the practical and useful structure and what needs to be done for this purpose.
– Special attention was paid to the mountain roads of the Balkans and its marking as well as the necessity of creating networks of several routes between two or more countries. This topic has to be broader discussed at the next meeting.
– Discussed were issues related to the supply of tourism services from mountaineering federations and unions. The need to expand the activities of BMU and the inclusion of more participants in the events were highlighted, because the Balkans are an attractive tourist destination and their potential is great.
– Each union/federation to think about the cooperation with the similar organizations, possible contacts and to present their views to the next meeting
– According to the Internet analyses concerning the BMU magazine visitors, it is evident that the national unions/federations failed to inform their members. Call to all BMU members to send a letter informing them about the BMU magazine web address and to be more collaborative in terms of sending information, articles etc. The articles has to be mailed to the address of the editor-in-chief : katicamk@yahoo.com.
– Memorandum of reciprocity to be prepared and signed by the BMU members presidents in terms of the visit to the mountain huts and touristic object owned by the BMU members.
– Guests from Slovenia presented their experience in the projects fuded by the European Union. Iniative for the possible mutual projects between the BMU members was discussed. Contact persons: Damjan Omerzu and Bojan Rotovnik from the PZS.
– Information about the Youth camp which will take place in Slovenia August 29th – September 2nd was given by the UIAA youth commission member Zdenka Mihelic (PZS). Call for all the BMU members to organize similar youth camps.
The fall meeting will take place in Albania, October 5, 6, 7, 2012.
President of BMU
Prof.d-r Jovica Ugrinovski

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