New web page is a project, started in the year 2014, prepared by Alpine association of Slovenia and supported by the Balkan mountaineering union and all participating mountaineering associations. A mountain hut (also known as alpine hut, mountain shelter, and mountain hostel) is a building located in the mountains intended to provide food and shelter to mountaineers, climbers and hikers. Mountain huts are usually operated by an Alpine Club or some organisation dedicated to hiking or mountain recreation. Mountain huts can provide a range of services, starting with shelter and simple sleeping berths. Some, particularly in remote areas, are not staffed, but others have staff which prepare meals and drinks and can provide other services, including provide lectures or sell clothing and small items. Mountain huts usually allow anybody to access their facilities, although some require reservations.

The main goal of is to provide useful information regarding European mountain huts, shelter or bivouacs for mountaineers, climbers, hikers, trekkers and mountain bikers and all other interested. Mountaineering associations and hut owners recommends that you check, prior to visiting the mountains, whether mountain huts, shelters or bivouacs are open. If you plan to stay overnight, book your lodging beforehand. Balkan

Please note: The information on mountain huts for each country were provided by national mountaineering association. The data on the site is for informational purpose only. Alpine association of Slovenia , as owner of the domain, makes no guaranties and is not liable for the accuracy of the site content. For current information about mountain huts and other details, please contact the mountaineering association of the individual country. Please send any comment, error or suggestion regarding data on the web page (please use the web form).

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