Mountaineering Competition Youth and Mountains

Mountaineering Competition Youth and Mountains
Author: Manca Čujež

The Youth Commission of the Alpine Association of Slovenia has been, for almost three decades now, organizing the Youth and Mountains competition, the most established Slovenian mountaineering competition for youth, which tests their knowledge, skills and experience pertaining to all areas and forms of mountaineering activities. The 28th national competition for primary and secondary schools took place on 21 January 2017 in Idrija, the Alpine Town of the year 2011.
The competition Youth and Mountains is a test of knowledge and sports abilities, as both elements are equally important in mountaineering. The competition is aimed at primary school students aged 12 to 15, but this year, for the second time now, a similar competition was also conducted for high school students over the age of 15. The event plays a very important role in popularizing mountain hiking and encourages a respectful attitude towards nature. For young mountaineers from all over Slovenia, who have to demonstrate a fair amount of knowledge already at regional competitions, the event is also an opportunity to socialize.

28th national competition Youth and Mountains in Idrija, the Alpine Town of the year 2011 (photo by Manca Čujež)

Four-member primary school teams and two-member high school teams are first tested on mountaineering topics about which they learn in their after-school mountaineering courses and while mountain hiking. There were six teams participating in primary school finals (the best out of 21 teams). They were quizzed on topics taught in Mountaineering School and on additional materials covering the Idrija-Cerkno hills, the use of a defibrillator, and the youth activities within the mountaineering organization. They also had to demonstrate practical knowledge in mountain orienteering, first aid and general mountain hiking. The young mountaineers from Trzin became the national champions, the second place was won by the team from Črnuče, and the team from Bled ranked third.

The youth from the Alpine Club Idrija won all top three places among high school students (photo by Manca Čujež)

This year, at the second Youth and Mountains competition for high school students, there were 15 teams competing against each other. The best six teams qualified for finals, where they demonstrated their knowledge of mountaineering equipment, first aid and general mountain hiking by solving more difficult practical tasks. The locals from the Alpine Club Idrija were invincible and won all top three places.

Mladinska komisija Planinske zveze Slovenije že skoraj tri desetletja organizira tekmovanje Mladina in gore, najbolj uveljavljeno slovensko planinsko tekmovanje za mlade iz znanj, veščin in izkušenj z vseh področij in oblik planinskega delovanja. 28. državno tekmovanje za osnovno- in srednješolce je bilo 21. januarja 2017 v Idriji, alpskem mestu leta 2011.

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