Balkan Mountaineering Orienteering Competition 2018

Balkan Mountaineering Orienteering Competition in 2018 will be organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina for members of the mountaineering associations which are members of the Balkan Mountaineering Union (BMU).
5th to 7th of October 2018
Mountaineering orienteering competition tests a range of skills, experiences and usage of technical tools for moving in nature, especially in mountainous areas. The competition will be open to teams of three to five members divided into four categories, regardless of the participants’ sex. The competitors will have to show their theoretical skills related to orienteering and mountaineering as well. The official language of the competition is English.
The competition will take place in any weather!
 Pioneers: up to 15 years old
 Juniors: up to 18 years old
 Seniors: over 18 years old
 Veterans: over 45 years of age
More information about registration will be provided in next notification.

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