Turkish Mountaineering Federation

Since 1936

History of Turkish Mountaineering Federation
The foundations of our federation were laid in 1936 under the name of Mountaineering and Winter Sports Community which was officially registered as Turkish Mountaineering Federation after the separation of mountaineering and skiing branches

Branches of Turkish Mountaineering Federation

Sport Climbing
Ski Mountaineering
Ice Climbing

Turkish Mountaineering Federation’s membership in international federations

Full Member;
International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation
International Federation of Sport Climbing
International Ski Mountaineering Federation
Balkan Mountaineering Federation

in the application process;
International Skyrunning Federation

Turkish Mountaineering Federation with numbers

Registered to 2019
number of registered clubs 376
We have organizations in all the provinces of Turkey

                                             Athletes Referee Trainer
Alpinism                                 9013       –             345
Sport Climbing                     3098     153          243
Ski Mountaineering               357        15            29
TOTAL                                  12468     168          617

Unregistered Athletes aprox. 65000

Our Books and Magazines

– Alpin: Summer UIAA, Turkish version (in 2017)
– Trekking and Leadership (in 2018)
– First Aid in Mountaineering (in 2019)
– Ice Climbing Techniques (publish to 2020) next year

Academic Journal

– International Journal of Mountaineering and Climbing-IJMC (published biannually)


– Mountaineering (published biannually)

Social media

Our federation regularly organizes training camps in all branches In 2018, the number of athletes in all branches is 4350

(Presentation for BMU GA 2019)



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