EUMA Strategy

Presentation for BMU GA 2019

EUMA Mission part 1
– We are the voice of European moutaineers
– We understand mountaineering as sport activities for all in mountains and climbing areas (hiking, mountaineering and climbing) and all support activities (education, voluntary guiding, environmental awareness, mountain trails, mountain huts and climbing areas).
– We stand for freedom of access to mountains and climbing areas in a responsible manner as a fundamental right.

EUMA Mission part 2
– We promote:
1. Responsible mountaineering (nature protection and safety in the mountains) that balances the interests of the mountaineers with the requirements of a prudent use
2. Mountaineering as fundamental contribution to cohesion in Europe
3. Sustainable development of the mountain regions and their life-forms
– We cooperate with European institutions where we will represent the interests of our members.
– We encourage cooperation within our members and with partners sharing common interest.

EUMA values
– environmental care
– voluntary work
– joy of living
– responsibility
– cooperation

EUMA Vision
We strive to include mountaineering in European Union priorities las important factor of quality of life land to recognise EUMA as dialog partner for mountaineering


Added value – the ladder

EUMA Value Curve
Medium Term Action Plan
1. Get a direct EUMA representative in Brussels (part-time)
2. Specify and fill the post of Secretary General (part-time)
3. Carry out detailed desk research into possible links between EUMA’s long-term strategic goals and EU decision-making
4. Based on the survey, track important events and documents, and actively enter into emerging processes where it is useful for our long-term priorities
5. Inform EUMA members on a timely basis about essential information on EU decision-making processes that could affect their activities and interests
6. To offer cooperation for our members in topics/projects linked with mountain huts, mountain trails and climbing areas
7. Prepare an overview (map) of all mountain huts maintained by EUMA members
8. Organize a working group/workshops on access to exposed mountain areas
9. Participate yearly in about 2-3 international events related to our goals and stakeholders

Erasmus+ project proposal
– Application in April 2019 for period 2020 – 2022
– Name: EUMA – Improving Good Governance of Climbing and Mountaineering in Europe
– Budget: 395.000 EUR
– to cooperate among national associations, aimed at developing a key mountain infrastructure: mountain huts, mountain and hiking trails and rock climbing areas
– sharing experience and solve problems in the areas of environment, access, maintenance and legal issues
– interconnection to the relevant European institutions

Project structure
– Initial phase – deep analysis of the issues, detail plan of activities
– Strategy phase – creating strategical concept of structure and mechanism how EUMA should work in cooperation with its members and stakeholders
– Implementation phase – spreading the strategy to all member associations and their countries.

Project partners
– Czech Mountaineering Association (leading partner)
– EUMA (Belgium): coordination
– ERA (Germany): trails
– DAV (Germany): huts
– ÖAV (Austria): trails
– PZS (Slovenia): climbing areas
– FPSM (North Macedonia): mountaineering infrastructure on Balkan area
– Charles University Prague – Institute of International studies (Czech Republic): EU analysis


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