Proposed EUMA Membership fees 2020-2021

BMU General Assembly
Korca – Albania, 25th of May 2019

Bojan Rotovnik, EUMA Vice-president

– We cooperate with European institutions where we will represent the interests of our members.
– We strive:
1. to include mountaineering in European Union priorities as an important factor of quality of life
2. to be recognised as the dialogue partner for mountaineering by EU institutions

EUMA Budget 2018 and 2019
                                                                            11.000 EUR spared

Membership fees 2020 and 2021

Associated members and collaborating organisations/members: same as for full members with less than 1.000 members: 550 (2020) and 660€ (2021)*
* collaborating members do not have to pay membership fees, if more than 50% of their members are already members of EUMA

BMU members

Membership fees procedure

– Board meetings in 2018
– EUMA GA in November 2018: draft proposal
The delegates unanimously agree that the final decision on the membership fees be postponed to the 2019 GA. The declaration that delegates will support and fight for the proposed increase of membership fees in their federations was approved
– EUMA Newsletter in January 2019 (3 months to send remarks)
only one comment received
– BMU GA (May 2019)
– CAA GA (September 2019)
– EUMA GA (Cyprus – 3rd of November 2019)

Articles of Association

5. Financing
5.1 To finance the administrative office and the activities resolved by the General Assembly, the General Assembly may determine membership fees. Decisions regarding membership fees and levies require the consent of three quarters of the full members present.
5.5 Membership fees: the calculation type and the amount of the fees shall be regulated in Annex 1 of these Articles of Association.


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