Trekking tour – Macedonian Transversal

Mountaineering Club Transverzalec from Skopje, N. Macedonia is organizing a trekking tour: Macedonian Transversal July 6-14. Meeting point: Skopje Railroad station at noon. The tour participants will be welcomed by the hosts and the transport will be arranged to Staro Selo, followed by 3 hours hike to the mountain hut Ljuboten, the tour starting point.

Trekking trail info:
The Transversal trekking trail is 235 kilometers long. It was created by a group of enthusiastic students from the mountaineering club Elema and officially inaugurated in 1985. This is the longest and most vivid trekking trail in N. Macedonia with breathtaking scenery: lakes, forests, planes and beautiful villages. The trail traverses the western part of N. Macedonia over the Shara mountain range, Rudoka, Vraca, Bistra, Stogovo, Karaorman. The final point will be the UNESCO city of Ohrid and the famous Ohrid Lake.

Trail details: the first part, the first four days the lowest altitude is 2100m. Along the way there are 5 beautiful glacial lakes (there are 27 glacial lakes on Shara Mountain), rare endemic plants and flowers. The second part: forests crossing a few fast mountain rivers and small waterfalls, a few Miyak villages with rich history and breathtaking architecture. The trekking experience ends in Ohrid, a city with thousand years long history with many beautiful churches and monasteries, the cradle of the Slavic culture and the first Slavic university. The Ohrid Lake is one of the oldest and deepest natural lakes in Europe with unique ecosystem and many endemic species (the Ohrid trout).
The trail is a mixture of nature and culture – an experience you will never forget.

Full standard trekking equipment for daily walking of 7-8 hours (with short breaks), including tent (not too heavy), sleeping bag, mattress. Food for the first five days (no food available along the trail).

Full price (guide included) 40 Euro. Horses could be arranged to carry the baggage the first 4-5 days, 80 Euro. Trekking diary: 10 Euros.

Mijalco Bozinovski, Mountaineering Club Transverzalec, Skopje
Address: St. Teodosij Gologanov, 28/13, 1000 Skopje, N. Macedonia
Phone : +38923223024
Mob : +38970234475





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