Balkan Mountaineering Union, Tetnuldi Expedition, Georgia, 19-25 August 2019

Climb Mount Tetnuldi 4858m

Mount Tetnuldi is a majestic peak in the Caucasus and This is a great mountaineering peak in a true wilderness. Tetnuldi is the 10th highest peak of the Caucasus. The slopes of the mountain are glaciated generally above the 3,000 m line. The most prominent glacier of the mountain


Mestia, the capital of Upper Svaneti and our base for the climb, is a small town steeped in history nestled in the valleys of the High Caucasus. A paved road to the town was only completed in 2011 and the region still retains a strong local culture, with its own language, which developed independently of the rest of Georgia

Weather Condition in August

Mestia Avg Temp. 22C
%84 Sunny days



First of all, our plan is to meet at Batumi, Georgia
There is flight from the Balkans to Batumi with THY

Essential Gear
Boots, crampons, Harness ice axe (2 axes may be useful if the summit ridge is icy), rope etc., helmet, ice screws. Camping gear.

Route Description
From our start at the Tetnuldi ski resort a sign-posted track at just under 2700m traverses grassy slopes for around 2-3 hours taking you to the bottom of the moraine field and Camp 1 (3000m),.

From Camp 1, some discreet cairns will (may) lead you through the moraine to the bottom of a snow slope leading up to a col and the intermediate camp site, Amarati Nest (3400m).

Camp 2 is 3700m.

Camp 4 is 4300m

Date: 19-25 August 2019
7 days

Aprox. 190€

What’s included.
– Accommodation two days in Mestia, bad and breakfast (excl. Batumi / Trabzon)
– Transfers
Batumi to Mestia,
Mestia to The starting point of the climb,
The starting point of the climb to Mestia, Mestia to Batumi

Shared climbing equipment (ropes and ice screws)
Medical kit
Leading and Guiding

Flights, Dinners, Visa and Lunchs not included.

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Climb Mount Tetnuldi



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