Minutes from the 20th BMU meeting, May 24-26, 2019, Korca, Albania

Welcome speech given by Jani Ziso, host and president of the Albanian Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing
Welcome speech given by the mayor of Korca.

In his opening words the BMU president Jovica Ugrinovski welcomed the delegates to the 20th BMU General meeting. All delegations were present. For the first time the EUMA officials were invited to attend the meeting. H expressed his thanks to the Albanian Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing for hosting the meeting.

Approval of the 19th General Meeting in Bursa, 2018 Minute. The Minutes were adopted unanimously.

The BMU president made a presentation of the short history of BMU in 2 parts: the first Protocol of mutual collaboration, development and promotion of mountaineering and mountain sports in the Balkan region signed during the initial meeting October 18th 2003, inVranje, Serbia (delegates from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia); and the constitutive meeting of the Balkan Mountain Union in Skopje, May 28th, 2011 when the BMU statute was adopted and the Executive committee was established.

– Report about the BMU magazine given by the editor Katica Garoska Acevska
– EUMA presentation given by the president Roland Stierle
– Bojan Rotovnik: presentation on proposed EUMA membership fees 2020-2021 (power point)
– Erasmus+ project: EUMA – Improving Good Governance of Climbing and Mountaineering in Europe, presentation given by Jan Bloudek (Czeck Republic) (video presentation)
– Proposal for changing the name of MMSF (FPSM), Mountain Federation of North Macedonia (the new name)

1. Application of EOOA (Greece) to become a regular member of BMU. Voting. Unanimously accepted.
2. Each federation/association self-presentation:
– Albania, history of Albanian mountaineering, tourism, (video presentation)
– BiH, Ermin Lipovic (video presentation)
– Bulgaria, Iskra Cherneva (120 years of history, 35.000km trails)
– Croatia, Vlado Novak (video presentation)
– Czech Republic, Yan Bloudek (23.000 members, budget 800.000eu, 395 clubs (video presentation)
– Greece, Theodoros Tsavdaridis (established 1930, 87 clubs)
– North Macedonia, Jovica Ugrinovski (video presentation)
– Montenegro, Dragan Bulatovic (video presentation)
– Turkey, Ersan Basar (video presentation)
– Serbia Andrej Ivosev (17.000 members, 350 guides) (video presentation)
– Slovenia, Joze Rovan,( 58.413 members, established in 1893, 285 alpine clubs, 178 mountain huts, 10000km marked paths) (video presentation)

3. According to the Statute of BMU letter to all member federations was sent to propose candidates for the election of new executive bodies
The following was the proposal list of candidates:

Members of the Executive Board:
Martin Šolar, president (Alpine association of Slovenia)
Dragan Bulatović, secretary general (Mountaineering Association of Montenegro)
Jovica Ugrinovski, member (Macedonian Mountain Sport Federation)
Ermin Lipović, member (Mountaineering Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Andrej Ivošev, member (Mountaineering Association of Serbia)
Supervisory Board
Zornica Ivanova Radonova (Bulgarian Tourist Union)
Jani Ziso (Albanian Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing)
Theodoros Tsavdaridis (Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing)

The list was unanimously accepted, no against, no sustained.

Self presentation of the new elected president of BMU Martin Šolar
Self presentation of the new elected secretary general Dragan Bulatovic
Self presentation of the Executive board member Andrej Ivoshev
Self presentation of the Executive board member Ermin Lipovic-Lipa,
Self presentation of the Supervisory board member Zornica Ivanova Radanova

Coffee Break

Working session: President Martin Šolar

1. Mountaineering orientation competition (PSBIH) project in progress. 4 countries have been already involved but the rules are not adjusted enough. Proposal: small working group to meet (Serbia, BiH, Macedonia,Slovenia) to adjust the rules.
Proposal for the next meeting by the Mountaineering Association of BiH: place of the event: September (October?) 11th, Vlasic, BiH; Price: 65 EUR (optional) per competitor (B.Luka-Travnik).
– Mirko Deticek noted that all competitors are from the ex YU. Proposal: meeting in Rajac June June 7-9, 2019 to adjust the rules.
– Candidate for hosting the text year competition: Montenegro. The proposal approved
2. Youth Camp: no host organizer. Suggestion: the host organizer must be announced at least one year in advance. Reconsider the possibilities of each assn. to give the proposal in due time by the end of May. Macedonia possible host (for the third time in a row).

3. BMU expeditions 2019 and 2020
Report by Zivko Temelkovski (MMSF): Aconcagua expedition (proposal at the last BMU meeting, expedition scheduled for 2019) has been cancelled because of the small number of candidates (only Albania, Macedonia).

Zivko Temelkovski: Presentation of all previous BMU expeditions (Kirgystan, 2011; Georgia, Kazbek 2012; Damavand, Iran, 2013; Caucasus, Russia, 2014; Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa, 2014)
Ersan Basar: proposal for the Expedition 2019: Georgia, Tetnuldi, Caucausus 4854m. August 19-25, 2019. Possible transport from Istanbul to East Mestia (Batum, Trabzon). Budget approximately 190eu. (transport to Istanbul not included in the sum).
The expedition guide Ersan Basar to spread the information to all BMU member association.

Jovica Ugrinovski: proposal for BMU photo award. The best photo taken by BMU member which has to be published by the BMU magazine. Sponsors has to be founnd.

BMU president Martin Šolar suggestions:
Actions for helping each other in different ways.
– Adjustement of different standards of the BMU member associations.
– Establishment of small working group before to next meeting to see where we are, to create a questionnaire, to appoint the focal points, desk evaluation (youth camp, marking, guiding etc.).
– Ice climbing competitions. To share the know-how, experience, to invite observers from Slovenia, Serbia how to go further.

Information by Mirko Deticek about the publication of the book: UIAA/PEZL handbook summer, Serbian translation published at the beginning of 2019. Price 10E. Info on BMU Magazine. (Macedonian translation has to be published in a few months)

Call for the BMU magazine Editorial Board: each association should nominate editorial board member.

Future events

BMU meeting 2020
May 29-31, 2020 in Prague and Bohemian Paradise hosted by the Czech Republic.

Information by Roland Stierle about the next EUMA General Assembly: November 3, 2019 in Cyprus.

Closing words

The BMU president Martin Šolar expressed his gratitude to the previous BMU president Jovica Ugrinovski and his team for the 10 year successful work.

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