BMU Executive Board meeting, February 21-22, Ovcar Banja, Serbia

Martin Šolar, president, Alpine association of Slovenia
Dragan Bulatović, secretary general, Mountaineering Association of Montenegro
Jovica Ugrinovski member, Macedonian Mountain Sport Federation
Andrej Ivošev, member, Mountaineering Association of Serbia
Katica Garoska Acevska, BMU Magazine editor in chief
Absent: Ermin Lipović, member, Mountaineering Association of BiH

Key discussions and decisions for the upcoming BMU General Assembly meeting, May 29-31, Prague, Czech Republic

• BMU member association to publish articles about their activities in BMU Magazine.
• Mountaineering orientation competition 2020 will take place October 2-4 in Vucje-Niksic (small ski center, 1465m) Montenegro, 130 participants. Subscription 40 euros
• BMU expeditions. IO BMU members agreed that the expeditions should be redesigned and scheduled 1 year in advance. The organizational strategy to be discussed during the next BMU meeting (more attractive, acceptable and organized in the Balkan mountains). Proposal for the 2020 expedition during the BMU meeting in Prague.
• Youth Camp needs to be modified. Lack of information and lack of interest. Meeting of all Youth commission presidents members of BMU before the General assembly meeting (Andrej Ivošev to get in touch with the national associations). Info about the next Youth camp to be spread.
• BMU photo competition. Images that show Mountains. The competition guidelines to be published in BMU magazine before the General assembly meeting in Prague. (Jovica Ugrinovski and Martin Solar to work on it). The exhibition of selected works to be organized during the General meeting.
• Skyrunning commission. The General Assembly to acknowledge the skyrunning as a discipline and commission to be established according the ISF rules. The ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) rules to be adopted. The number of skyrunning commissions in the BMU member associations. Serbian skyrunning team representative to be invited to participate to the General Assembly.
• BMU magazine report given by Jovica Ugrinovski. (Serbia and Montenegro to give proposal for BMU publishing board members)

Upcoming events:
• Info about the BMU/EUMA meeting May 29-31, Prague, given by Martin Solar.
Programme: Friday May 29: Thematic workshop
Saturday, May 30: EUMA General Assembly
Sunday, May 31: BMU General Assembly

• Next BMU General assembly meeting 2021 to be organized by Planinska zveza Slovenije (proposed by Martin Solar)
• Mountain huts net platform of BMU under the ownership of PZS can be overtaken by EUMA if PZS will agree on technical details.
• Offer by Club Alpino Italiano to the BMU member associations to be project members and to participate in the workshops.

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