February 23, 2021 at 6,30pm
Martin Šolar, president, Alpine association of Slovenia
Dragan Bulatovic, secretary general, Mountaineering Association of Montenegro
Jovica Ugrinovski, member, Macedonian Mountain Sport Federation
Andrej Ivošev, member, Mountaineering Association of Serbia
Abesent: Ermin Lipović, member, Mountaineering Association of BiH

Approval of Agenda of the IO BMU Ovčar Banja (Serbia), February 2020.
Approval of Minutes

Due to the Covid 19 pandemia, the realization of the working agenda was unmanageable.

1. The BMU meeting estimated in May 2020 in the frame of EUMA meeting in Prague, Czechoslovakia, was postponed. Instead virtual EUMA meeting was held.
According to the BMU Statute the annual meeting is not obligatory because BMU is nonprofit organization with no operational budget.
The BMU annual meetings were always the opportunity for open discussions, journey, gathering, exchange of ideas and opinions, but last year this was not possible because of the outbreak of Covid-19.
Next BMU meeting will be the place for discussion of important issues in terms of restyling the actions. This kind of discussion are not virtually effective. We have to wait for more convenient health situation, was the suggestion by Jovica Ugrinovski.
The global health situation was the reason of postponement of the Youth Camp, as well as for the orientation event predicted to take place last October in Montenegro.

2. Action plan for 2021
There are two options in terms of the next BMU meeting. If the EUMA meeting will take place in Prague at the beginning of June 2021, the BMU meeting will be held as well. The BMU President Martin Šolar will send letter of interest to the EUMA President Roland Stierle. Otherwise, if EUMA meeting will not take place in Prague, the BMU meeting will be organized by Slovenia at the end of 2021.
In 2022 Macedonia will host the annual BMU and EUMA meetings.

Dragan Bulatovic mentioned that the orientation competition postponed in 2020 could be organized in Vucje,near Niksic, Montenegro under same conditions.

Andrej Ivošev suggested that all BMU member countries are interested to be included in the sky running event organized by the Mountaineering Union of Serbia, as well as in developing the activities in the frame of BMU.

BMU will launch new photo competition. Jovica Ugrinovski will be obliged to update the previous call for participation.

3. Andrej Ivošev suggested: BMU member countries to think about the BMU way of budgeting, the membership fee or other source of funding. The income could be the motivation for the work of BMU. The BMU executive board agrees with the proposal, but the membership fee is not a good idea. The model of project financing could be a better idea.

Dragan Bulatović mentioned that the Mountaineering Union of Republika Srpska expressed interest in joining the BMU. Jovica Ugrinovski explained that according the BMU Statute only one national union could be member of BMU. Martin Šolar proposed that Mountaineering Union of Republika Srpska could send a letter that would be taken into consideration at the next Executive Board.meeting.

Jovica Ugrinovski mentioned that during the forthcoming electoral assembly of EUMA, BMU member countries support the new EUMA mamagement board candidates.

BMU President
mag. Martin Šolar
Vice president of the
Alpine Association of Slovenia

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