MINUTES from Balkan Mountain Union GA, Prague, Czech Republic

Balkan Mountain Union General Assembly 2021
October 8th, 2021, Prague, Czech Republic

Registration and arrival coffee at 15:30
The meeting start: 16:00

1. Welcome greetings

The BMU president, Martin Solar welcomed all delegates to the 21st BMU meeting. Worm welcome to the EUMA officials, colleagues and friends who are joining the synergy & the power.
Welcome greeting of the host, Jan Bloudek.
2. Approval of the Agenda
Agenda has already been discussed by the EB.
The Agenda was unanimously approved by the participants.
All participants had received the Meeting documents with the agenda according to the Constitution. At the end of the meeting there was a proposal to add one point to the agenda by the BiH delegate Ermin Lipovic.
Present delegates from: N. Macedonia, Slovenia, BiH, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, Greece, Czech Republic, Albania
Absent: Bulgaria, Serbia
According to the Statute only one representative of member association has the right to vote.
The list of participants is attached to the minutes.
Katica Garoska Acevska was appointed keeper of the Minutes of the meeting.
Approval of the Minutes of the 20th BMU meeting, 2019 in Korca, Albania. The Minutes of the General Meeting held May 24-26, 2019 in Korca, Albania, were accepted unanimously with no objections.
EB meeting was organized in Ovcar Banja, Serbia, February 2020.
Because of the pandemic the activities of the EB were postponed. Several meetings of EB were done virtually

3. Report on activities (from BMU GA in Korca, Albania in 2019 on):

• Balkan orientation championship, in Bosnia, Igman (2 years ago) 6 countries attended.
• Balkan Championship in mountaineering orientation (BMUMOC) September 24-26th, 2021. Vucje close to Niksic, Montenegro
Presentation of Tanja Ivanovic, MAM, Montenegro:
The Championship was very well organized, attended by participants from Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, BiH.
Next championship will be organized in Slovenia 2022
• The editor of BMU Magazine was asking the representatives of BMU members associations to be more active and to send articles about the activities and the updated events of their associations.
New updated editorial board of the BMU magazine was elected: Jadranka Coklica, HPS; Tatjana Ivanovic, MAM; Monca Chuez PZS, Elion Cikopano, AMF, Katica Garoska Acevska, editor, FPSM.
• Report by Jovica Ugrinovski about the Mountain photo exhibition. The idea was born in 2020, but because of the pandemic the selection was postponed. About 200 photos has been received. There is proposal for members of jury (virtually) the best photos to be selected and awarded. Ersan Basar, TMF, volunteered to make a selection.
• The trecking/expedition tour in Turkey 2020 was postponed. Is it necessary to organize this kind of activity because there is less and less interest for such type of hiking tours.

4. Activity plan in 2022 and discussion about future common actions

The President of BMU Martin Solar noted that because of the pandemic It is uncertain to make plans. It’s much better to discuss the activities for the next year, we will have enough time to make plans (basic statement)
• Balkan orientation championship, PZS, Slovenia accepted to be organized the next year (timeframe, early autumn)
• Finalization of the photo exhibition. Jury commission president Jovica Ugrinovski (with the help of Slovenia and Turkey)
• Serbia expressed the wish and idea to organize the meeting of Balkan youth mountaineering commissions to discuss about their future activities. Spring 2022.
• Regarding expeditions It was discussed to continue or move them out of the agenda. Ersan Bashar, TMF, suggested this activity to be continued: people are socializing, having good time, knowing each other. Summer is good time (June, July, August). He has a proposal: Ararat, Turkey. The details will be discussed. Zivko Temelkovski, FPSM, who is experienced and organized the tours already can help in the organization.

Martin Solar: proposal of new ideas, activities to be initiated in the frame of BMU in the future
• Sport climbing championship on natural rock (Serbia)
Serbia initiated the organization of this kind of climbing, to propose the time frame
• Sky running: some assns. have much more interest than the others.
Albania: offered their help in organizing sky running competition, to diversify the events
• Jan Bloudek: we have already discussed the problem of rock climbing, there are lot of different competitions, but there is not international competition. There is one in the frames of Czekhia, Slovakia, Poland. Everybody is welcomed to take part in this competition (sport climbing indoor).
• The Climbing association of Greece next year is organizing Sport climbing marathon in Metheora. The BMU member associations are invited to attend the event
• Proposal by Ermin Lipovac, BiH: Day of the Mountaineers & Mountaineering associations of Balkan countries to be organized in BiH, June 2022.

5. Erasmus+project – interim report and BMU members cooperation

EUMA will contribute to the Erasmus project-interim project (what they need from BMU)

Presentation of Andreas Aschaben: what BMU members should do for successive Erasmus project for the Improvement of good governance of climbing and mountaineering in Europe.
Phases & questions/topics for BMU:
1. Huts, (definitions: mountain hut, winter room, bivak hut, emergency shelter)
• Infrastructural elements of mountain hut
• Function of the hut, infrastructure for mountaineering activities, point of information and visitor guidance
2. Trails, categorization, maintenance, legal aspects, free access, ownership, marking, categorization,
3. Rock climbing area (EU perspectives, liability, free access, history of climbing, stakeholders cooperation, ethics, crag-management, selected case studies of crag management, maintenance, impacts, definitions, questionnaire)
4. Environmental standards: waste water treatment, water management, source of water supply, energy supply (electricity &heating), drinking water, sanitary infrastructure; working conditions, fire protection, kitchen facility, huts in national parks or other protected area
Goran Nikoloski asked Serbia, Turkey, Montenegro to fill in the data to have the complete picture (look into the mirror to give us answers what has to be improved) for further development of the mountaineering in the frame of BMU (we are not the inspectors).
Alan Chaplar to enclose data about the conditions and ownership of the huts in Croatia
Ingrid Hayek: Another question is the ownership of the huts
Theodoros Tsavridis: the graphics of EUMA huts to be compared with the BMU huts.
Andreas Ashaben: a comparison between the huts in Europe and East Europe countries has to be made
Ronald Stierle: In EU much of the huts are owned by the associations. It’s not easy to make the comparison.

6 Regional mountaineering organization and EUMA-BMU future in the frame of EUMA

Regional mountaineering organizations are members of BMU (EUMA is younger than BMU and Alpine org.); BMU in the frame of EUMA (the question is how BMU be implemented, how to be part/implemented in the frame of EUMA)
• Roland Stierle: it was a pleasure to be invited to BMU meetings (previous and the present one), target of EUMA is the best sharing concept, lot of assns. have problems in supporting EUMA. Being a member of EUMA has a lot of advantages, to find the concept for both parties needs a lot of knowledge.
Bojan Rotovnik: how to reach more close cooperation between BMU and EUMA. This topic will be discussed tomorrow during the EUMA conference. How to integrate the regional organizations in the frame of EUMA. How to give the green lite to BMU.
Jovica Ugrinovski: some obvious facts: few members of BMU were initiators for establishing EUMA organization. 1/3 of EUMA are BMU associations.
The problem is that the majority of BMU countries are not members of EU.
Joze Rovan: we have had a long discussion on this topic. Some members of BMU were playing big role in establishing the EUMA. The financial problem is another one, as well as the imited number of competent people representing us in those organizations. BMU has some activities that can be included in EUMA. EUMA can advocate us in EU. BMU has some activities which are attractive (orientation, long tradition)
Martin Solar: The BMU GA is giving “green light” and support to discuss future status of BMU in the frame of EUMA. The goal is to incorporate regional organizations into EUMA. This could be new beginning for the future of BMU too.

7 EUMA elections and BMU position

The BMU GA supports the current EUMA leadership at the EUMA elections. We need to work together and the team that wins should not be changed.

8 Date and place of the BMU GA – upcoming

FPSM to organize next EUMA and BMU conference in N. Macedonia end of April-May 3 (depending of the global situation)
Macedonia proposed to organize UIAA meeting. It will be nice to meet together.

2023 BMU meeting: Greece, Metheora, September
2024 BMU meeting: Croatia (150 year anniversary), Zadar, tentative invitation (not official)

9 Miscellaneous
Official request from Republika Srpska to become member of BMU
Jovica Ugrinovski: According to our Statute each country can have only one representative (R. Srpska is part of the state BiH). R.Srpska is welcomed to cooperate as member of BiH.
Martin Solar supported Jovica’s statement. No objections.
BMU will send an official answer.

Closing speech: BMU president Martin Solar summarized the most important points of the General meeting. A special thanks were expressed to hosts for the successful organization and to all the delegates for their participation.

Official photo of the participants

The meeting ended at 16:30




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