August 19-23, 2015

Organizer: Youth Commission and Center for Vocational training of the Macedonian Mountain Sport Federation (MMSF)
Date: August 19-23, 2015.
Place: Sports and recreation center, Monument of nature – Matka Canyon and Mavrovo National Park.
Matka-Canyon of river Treska, right confluent of the river Vardar, covers an area of approximately 5,000 hectares and is located 15 kilometers southwest of the capital Skopje.
National Park Mavrovo (NPM) is located in the north-western part of Macedonia. The park occupies the protected area of 73,088 ha.The altitude ranges from a minimum of 600m to a maximum of 2,764 m. Administratively the territory of the National Park Mavrovo belongs to two (2) municipalities, Mavrovo-Rostuse and Gostivar.

Participants from Greece, Turkey, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria were invited. Three positions per country were offered to every country. Participants from Greece, Turkey and Croatia canceled their participation due to calendar obligations. Two participants from Slovenia canceled a week before, because of personal reasons. Participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina canceled their participation due transport problems. Because of those reasons, MMSF therefore allowed the number of participants per country to be more than three participants.
Present participants of the seminar:


1. Andrea Cadenovic
2. Rade Dulovic
3. Maida Omerovic
4. Nerma Omerovic
5. Dino Medjedovic


1. Ivan Stojkov
2. Klimentina Zlatinova
3. Simona Mitreva
4. Aneta Tegova


1. Jelica Drashkovic
2. Boris Kopilovic
3. Ranko Kralj


1. Tritan Fluturim Guni
2. Aleksander Peci
3. Klaudio Zotaj
4. Oltjon Angjeliu
5. Dejni Ziluftari
6. Sulejman Kupi


1. Andrej Bandovski
2. Aleksandar Iliev
3. Martin Kotevski

Lucija Gjurkovik, main organizer and youth mountain leader in MMSF,
Miki Petrovski, assistant organizer, graduate pedagogue, coach from the Faculty of physical education, sport and health, Youth Mountaineering leader in MMSF and responsible in the department of education at the Youth Commission at MMSF,
Goran Tintoski, coordinator and supervisor, mountaineering instructor and Youth mountaineering leader in MMSF,
Aleksandar Klenov, supervisor and technical expert from YC UIAA,
Natasha Boshkovska, professor of class teaching and youth mountain leader in MMSF,
Jovica Ugrinovski, PhD, mountaineering instructor and president of MMSF,
Goran Nikovski, professor from the Faculty of physical education, sport and health,
Dimitar Popov, instructor and sport climber,
Kire Angeleski, speleology instructor at MMSF,
Zdravko Dejanovic, instructor mountaineer and climber of Mount Everest, К2 and Anapurna, member od MMSF.

Program of the camp:
Wednesday, 19th of August 2015
14.00 Arrival of the participants – transport from the airport
17.00 Accommodation in mountain hut “Matka”
18.00 Confirmation of registration
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Presentation of activities, UIAA organization, Youth organization within Balkan Mountaineerin Union, presentation of programme for YML.
– Welcome party, Introduction of the participants

Thursday 20th of August 2015
08.00 Breakfast
Lecture on mountaineering – Youth learning techniques
11.00 Visit of the “Vrelo” cave by boat
14.00 Lunch
16.00 Lectures: how to organize a mountaineering action for youth
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Exchange of experiences with own materials (brochures / videos / books)

Friday, 21th of August 2015
08.00 Breakfast
– How to educate, work with kids, youth
– Practical training of orientation in nature. Cultural heritage and trekking route: The Holy Virgin Monastery – St. Nedela church – St. Andrew church
Lecture: Youth camp organization and preparation
19.00 – Dinner
Exchange of experiences

Saturday, 22nd of August 2015
08.00 Breakfast
Mavrovo, National Park
Training and education of participants in extreme sports
Climbing day
Experience in training and education of young people
Exchange of experiences
Debate – discussion: new skills, new experience

Sunday, 23th of August 2015
08.00 Breakfast
Walk through Mavrovo national park, Galicnik, Medenica…
15.00 lunch, transfer to Skopje
17.00 Farewel
See you next year…

Realization of the program
Participants arriving at the headquarters of the MMSF had a sightseeing tour of the cultural and historical monuments of the capital, the city of Skopje with the organizers. At 14 am, after meeting the participants from Albania they visited the park forest Vodno. With the cable car they riched the Milenum Cross, the highest point of the Vodno mountain, the peak Krstovar, 1066 m.
According to the program, in 5 PM, after the accommodation in the mountain lodge Canyon Matka, official registration of participants and dinner, the official program of the seminar started. The coordinators and organizers of the seminar presented the program, the principles of training and made a welcome party and mutual presentation of the participants.
All participants received education materials (folders, notebooks, pens), T-shirt of the seminar with logos of MMSF, UIAA and ARSF, T-shirt from YC UIAA and badge UIAA (gift from YC UIAA).

August 20, 2015
Morning session lectures:
– Miki Petrovski: Мethods and techniques of work with youth at hiking
– Prof. Goran Nikovski: Youth mountain leaders, leadership and communication with children
Visit to the cave Vrelo with organized transportation by boat which took about 20 minutes. Near the cave the participants had a lecture:
– Kire Angelevski, instructor in cave-diving: The principles of young people education in extreme sports, with reference to „open water“ diving and diving in underwater caves.
Afternoon session lectures:
– Goran Tintovski, mountain instructor: Planning, realization and analysis of mountain actions
– PhD. Jovica Ugrinoski, president of MMSF: Psychological, physiological principles of work with children and youth during the hiking actions
After dinner session: exchange of experiences
– Zdravko Dejanovic, aplinist: Organization of high altitude camps as part of his experience reaching the highest peaks Mt. Everest, K2 and with special emphasis of Annapurna peak.

August 21, 2015
Morning session:
– Natasha Boshkovska, mountaineering instructor: Basic mountaineering principles with emphasis on the ability to encourage children to participate in physical activities challenges, working in pairs and building confidence in the adventure
– Lucija Gjurkovik, coordinator of the Youth Union and Miki Petrovski, mountaineering instructor: orientation and marking in nature, with the help of maps. Practice: the hiking tour through the Shishevski monastery region.
– Aleksandar Klenov, the UIAA representative from Macedonia: Youth mountain leader and main principles of the work of UIAA


Evening session: Exchange of experiences
– The participating countries presented the work of the Youth Commission in their own countries.
– Miki Petrovski and Lucija Gjurkovikј, Andrej Bandovski (technical support): review of the International youth camps organized by the Macedonian Youth Commission in the country, i.e. in Gorna Belica and the Youth camp for the youngest participants in Strovija.

Discussion (four hours)

August 22, 2015
Mavrovo National Park
After the introduction of the basic principles for working with youth and education for extreme sports, emphasizing the sport climbing, the participants were led to a practical realization of climbing in cave, site of the river Radika, in the Mavrovo National Park. In the cave we tried climbing on „via ferrata“. The instructor for sport climbing, Dimitar Popov presented the basics of the sport climbing, and the training lasted about 5 hours. All participants tried to climb the rock.
Afternoon: Final lectures
– Goran Tintoski: Organization of youth mountain camp; How to attract youth mountaineering organization
– Miki Petrovski: Youth mountain leader program MMSF

The coordinator of the seminar Lucia Gjurkovikj distributed to all participants assigned certificate for participation, as well as shirts and bow badges of UIAA.
The evening was dedicated to the final party with barbecue, where they exchanged impressions from the seminar. Presentation from the participants from Monte Negro about the hiking in their country. Videos for sport climbing and climbing techniques were played.

August 23, 2015
Hiking tour to the village of Galichnik and mountain Medenica was organized throug the very pictoresque terrain, the authentic architecture, rich cultural heritage and amazing landscapes.

Official closure of the program was in Skopje at 5.00 pm.
Transportation, food and lodging:
The accommodation was provided in Canyon Mountain Lodge and hotel ELEM Mavrovo.
For better mobility a van with 25 seats and two vehicles were hired.
Food, hot meals were provided in the mountain lodge and the hotel, but in the interest of the training only one “lunch” package in Mavrovo was provided.
Throughout the whole event water was provided.

Financial report of MMSF

Conclusions and Recommendations:
– Review and enhance cooperation and communication among youth;
– Creation of new model for exchange of experiences;
– Framework and recommendations for further organization of similar camps;
– Increasing the capacity of the MMSF;
– Organising Committee for Youth and other federations;

Date: September 11, 2015, Skopje


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